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St. Vincent @ Pitchfork Festival (7/19/14)

It’s been amazing to see St. Vincent transform from the unassuming baroque-pop artist who released Marry Me to full art-rock goddess that’s killing it on late night TV and festival stages alike. Annie Clark captivated the crowd with tracks from her entire catalog from lush, haunting early tracks like “Marrow” and “Cruel” to the edgy, glammed up theatricality of her new self-titled LP. If it wasn’t already clear, this performance proved that St. Vincent is a huge force to be reckoned with in the music world.

Setlist: Rattlesnake / Digital Witness / Cruel / Marrow / Every Tear Disappears / Surgeon / Cheerleader / Prince Johnny / Birth in Reverse / Huey Newton / Bring Me Your Loves / Your Lips Are Red

View all my photos from Pitchfork Fest (Saturday) here.

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Comic artist and illustrator Denis Medri reimagined Star Wars as an awesome 1980’s high school. These are definitely the cool droids you were looking for. 



Helene Meldahl Self-Portraits

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When 26-year-old Helene Meldahl, aka @mirrorsme, turns to the mirror to take a selfie, all kinds of wonderful and wild results emerge from her imagination. For more than a year, the young Norwegian artist has been filling her Instagram account with photographs that blend self-portraits with clever illustrations drawn on a mirror with chalk or acrylic marker.


"You’re gonna do great today."


"You’re gonna do great today."

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